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Invariate Adobe Camera Profiles

OK… that picture has nothing to do with this post… but I hate blog posts without pictures. This picture is taken from the Julington Creek Bridge at sunset in Jacksonville, FL. When I did my original post about making Untwisted Adobe Camera Profiles, I had meant to go back and create “Invariate” versions as well….

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Almost Done!

For those of you that only know me as “Photographer Thomas”, I’d like to introduce, “Recording Engineer/Producer Thomas”. Yep, that’s my other job. I don’t do that full time any more like I used to, but I do take on projects from time to time. Currently, I’m working on an album project with Chari Orozco….

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Headshot day tomorrow at the BNI Money Tree.

I’m a member of the Money Tree chapter of BNI here in Jacksonville, FL. BNI is a referral network for local business people. Tomorrow, we are doing on location business headshots right after our weekly meeting. If you are interested in checking out BNI, drop me an e-mail. I’d love to bring you along as…

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