Monthly Archives: September 2009

File Management in Adobe Lightroom

As most people that know me know, I’m an avid Apple Aperture 2 user.  I’ve always preferred Aperture over other Digital Asset Managers (DAM’s) and RAW “dark room” software because of how well Aperture handles the asset management functions.  However, with Adobe Lightroom 2, there are some significant time savers that can’t be ignored and…

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Portraits and Being Gangsta’

I was in the portrait making mood tonight.  It started with Rachel because the light was a bit mystical outside this afternoon.  So, I grabbed my camera and my 85 1.4 lens and headed out to find Rachel.  She was down the street playing with friends, so I called her over.  She saw my camera…

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Brittany & Matt

I’ve photographed Brittany & Matt a lot this year.  Got some shots of Matt at the Fuse opening night.  Then, they were both in Lauren & Trevor’s wedding.  Well… they are getting married in December, so I’ll be shooting them even more before this year is over.  These two remind me a lot of Heather…

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